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Wallpapers is a collaborative project founded in 2011 by artists Sara Ludy, Nicolas Sassoon and Sylvain Sailly. Since its creation, Wallpapers has existed under 2 specific contexts and temporalities; exhibited online at and manifesting in space through international exhibitions and events.

Wallpapers online takes form as a catalogue of digital patterns created by each artist. Each digital pattern (or wallpaper) from the catalogue is displayed full-screen on its own URL. On a yearly basis, new wallpapers are added to the catalogue, including occasional contributions from invited artists.

Wallpapers offline takes form as site-specific installations comprised of large-scale video-projections. These site-specific installations employ wallpapers from the online catalogue and project them in space at a monumental scale, producing environments adjusted to the proportions of the architecture in context.

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Upcoming Exhibitions

Oct 4 2014
The Drake Hotel
Toronto ON
curated by Rea McNamara

August 14-18 2015
International Symposium of Electronic Art
Vancouver BC


Past Exhibitions

September 18 - 21 2014
Vancouver BC
curated by Malcolm Levy
(photo documentation coming soon)

September 13-14 2012
Vancouver BC
curated by Malcolm Levy



Review by Sarah Todd




September 7 - October 13 2012
Western Front
Vancouver BC
curated by Sarah Todd





July 11 2011: 319 Scholes, Brooklyn, NY, curated by Lindsay Howard